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Sappi Finland Oy

Sappi Finland Oy Kirkniemi paper mill in Lohja produces high-quality coated papers for heatset offset printing. The mill has three paper machines that produce 750,000 tons of high-quality Galerie papers annually, which are used in high-quality publications and advertising products around the world. Kirkniemi employs about 550 paper industry professionals from production to product development.

In the papermaking process, paper calenders are heated and cooled with steam and cold water. Due to demanding process temperatures and pressure equipment requirements, the old heat exchanger required renewal and new better structural design. We delivered the Ecowec SE steam heat exchanger, manufactured with a new innovative heat transfer technology, in which the large temperature and pressure fluctuations were taken into account in accordance with the new pressure equipment requirements. In addition, the external main dimensions of the steam exchanger had to be maintained in order for the new exchanger to fit the installation space required by the production equipment. The steam heat exchanger transfers the process from steam up to 200 ° C to heat the paper rolls and cools the process to 20 ° C with cold water.

Ecowec SE steam heat exchanger

  • Pressure class PN16
  • Design pressure max / min +16 / 8 bar
  • Operating pressure max / min +16 / 6 bar
  • Design temperature max / min +200 / 20 ° C
  • Operating temperature max / min + 180/50 ° C


  • Equipment standard EN 13445