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With the Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger, you can recycle surplus heat from buildings and save money. The Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger is used to recover heat from dirty wastewater without the need for wastewater filtration or heat exchanger cleaning. In addition, the Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger is also suitable for renewable energy production and cooling when connected to a heat pump.

The Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger is manufactured by a Finnish family company, whose key personnel have been working for years to develop and patent the Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger around the world. Ecowec® is a patented and registered trademark in several countries. Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger is the market leader and a strong brand in its field in Finnish construction and renovation projects as well as in industry. Ecowec hybrid heat exchangers have been installed in several dozen locations in very different types of apartment buildings, spas and industrial buildings.

The Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger saves on energy costs globally, regardless of climate or geographical location. That is why we are looking for international partners who want to offer our customers our innovative and patented solution for recycling waste water and waste heat as well as heat from renewable energy more efficiently.

Together for the benefit of the customer through the Ecowec® brand

We offer our partners high-quality, reliable, maintenance-free and easy-to-install Ecowec® products, technical product support and a wide market area in the country.

We require our partners to have energy and real estate expertise and a customer base. Ecowec® customers are usually large construction companies, real estate investors, municipalities, cities or industry.

We expect our partners to have a strong commitment to Ecowec® product sales and top-quality customer service.

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