Swimming pools and spas

Kivimaa swimming hall

In Lahti, the Kivimaa swimming hall has been completely renovated during 2019. The swimming hall is located north of the city, next to the main road leading to the city. The swimming hall has a six-lane 25-meter pool for swimmers and an additional children’s pool. A novelty is the cold pool, where you can take a refreshing dip after a workout. There are two saunas for both women and men, and there is also a group dressing room and two disabled dressing rooms in the hall. The hall has a gym and a café. The hall organizes water sports for seniors and people with reduced mobility, and in addition, the swimming clubs have water sports for working-age people as well as young people and children.

In connection with the renovation, the energy efficiency of the property was improved by heat recovery from shower water. The Ecowec hybrid exchanger recycles the energy contained in the wastewater to heat the new domestic water. The connection is passive, so it works without a heat pump and electricity. Service personnel are satisfied with the system and its maintenance-free operation.