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Sinebrychoff, brewery

Finland’s most energy-efficient brewery Sinebrychoff Brewery produces many of the Carlsberg Group’s branded beverages in Finland’s largest brewery in Kerava. The brewery’s production uses significant amounts of energy in the production of beverages, so improving energy efficiency and saving energy costs are ongoing goals in process development.

The beer production process generates a lot of wastewater with a temperature suitable for the use of efficient heat pumps, but the plate heat exchanger used in heat transfer requires constant maintenance and cleaning from the production staff. The goal for operation and maintenance personnel was to find a system that was maintenance-free and long-lasting.

In the planned solution, several Ecowec XB10 industrial exchangers will replace the previously used plate heat exchangers. The advantage of the solution is maintenance freedom and more efficient heat recovery when maintenance needs are minimized. Computationally, the new Ecowec industrial exchangers are also more efficient in terms of heat transfer, so the efficiencies of heat pumps can be increased, resulting in a significant reduction in the brewer’s purchasing energy.