Hotels and commercial kitchens

Lehtioja Service Center, Lahti

The Lehtioja Elderly Care Center in Lahti is a service center owned by a regional welfare company. The property is home to more than 200 elderly residents who use the property’s services. The property produces e.g. housing, food and laundry services for property residents who are very energy intensive. The property is owned by Lahden Talot Oy, a city-owned rental real estate company. The company aims to provide environmentally friendly and cost-effective rental operations to tenants. The company is committed to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of the properties it owns and to striving to build and renovate at least A-energy class properties in the future.

The heating of the property is produced by a geothermal system, the output of which is at times slightly limited in relation to the need of the property. The number of geothermal wells is slightly small compared to the property’s high energy consumption, which is why an Ecowec hybrid exchanger was installed in the property. Due to the high consumption of hot water, Ecowec produces a lot of energy from wastewater, which is transferred to make the geothermal system more efficient. Through Ecowec, the geothermal pump receives more energy from the wastewater, which corresponds to the annual output of about 4-6 geothermal wells.