Hospitals and universities

Kuopio University Hospital

The renovation program of the University of Kuopio Hospital will renovate the oldest building parts of Puijo Hospital in 2018-2025. In connection with the old ward tower, a 10-storey new building will be built, which will house outpatient facilities and wards on seven floors. In addition, the building houses e.g. cardiac and imaging facilities. The wards will have about 400 beds, most of which are single rooms.

The design of a new building also takes into account in-service energy costs, which guide the design to low-energy systems. For this reason, an Ecowec hybrid exchanger will be installed on the property to recycle the heat from the patient rooms and bedwash water back for the benefit of the property. The Ecowec hybrid exchanger is connected to a heat pump that efficiently recovers the heat from the wastewater and circulates it back for heating the property and domestic hot water.