Hospitals and universities

Kainuu's new hospital, Kajaani

A new energy-efficient hospital has been completed in Kajaani for use by the Kainuu Hospital District during 2020. The property includes all health care services, a modern hospital and functionality supporting the rehabilitation of patients, as well as flexible facilities for conversion. In addition, investments have been made in the hospital’s energy efficiency in terms of design and implementation.

2 new Ecowec hybrid exchangers for wastewater heat recovery were installed at the new Kainua Hospital in Kainuu. The heat from the wastewater removed from the property is recycled to heat the property’s cooling system. Ecowec hybrid systems are connected to the property’s centralized heat pump system, which runs alongside the district heating system. The heat pump system efficiently collects wastewater heat with Ecowec hybrid exchangers and recycles them back for property and domestic water heating.