Swimming pools and spas

Kuntolaakso swimming hall

Finland’s most energy-efficient indoor swimming hall in Kuopio’s Kuntolaakso is a new combined swimming hall and ice rink building owned by the city. The property was taken into use in August 2020, when the property’s innovative combined heating and cooling system was also inaugurated.

The shower water in the swimming hall is directed to the Ecowec B10 HST spa exchanger, where the heat they contain is transferred back to the heating of hot water and pool water. Wastewater heat recovery significantly improves the energy efficiency of the swimming hall by reducing energy loss to the sewer. It is calculated that swimming halls lose up to 50% of all heating with shower and pool water to the sewer.

The property’s maintenance staff is trained in the operation of the Ecowec spa exchanger and is satisfied with its very low maintenance needs. Ecowec spa exchangers do not have an actual maintenance need or maintenance schedule, so any maintenance will only be performed every several years if necessary.

Picture1. Ecowec spa exchangers are made of special steel and are treated to prevent corrosion.

Picture2. The heat pump draws heat from the ice rink condensate, the swimming pool exhaust air and wastewater.